Utah Wedding Ideas

We've done 250+ Utah Weddings and through the years have gathered some information and tips to help you with your planning and personalization of your special day.  Below are some idea's:

Music:  Many brides and grooms have musically talented friends, whether that be vocally or instrumental.  Invite them to help personalize your day and perform some of your favorite songs or melody's.  This can help save you the cost of a DJ.  If you are planning a long reception we suggest inviting more than one friend or bringing a 2nd source for music to give your friends a break throughout the evening.

Christmas Weddings:  Use and hang Mistletoe, hung in several special places, for both you and your new spouse and your guests to have a little fun landing under.

Photo's:  Showcase several photo's of your engagement around the room.  Whether you have a specific designated area, or several areas for your guests to walk around and view.  This can be a fun project for those who love to scrapbook, you can create specific pages to display around the room to later be put into a book.
Also rent a fun photo service for your wedding, you can view our example HERE
Reception:  We usually recommend 8-10 tables for a reception, however if you are worried about having enough space for guests and family who chose to stay the entire evening.  Place chairs around the room, or in area's near a fountain, video or picture area.  Ask a friend who is going to be sitting at the book to also be your coordinator for the night, watching the food and eating areas.  To also watch the tables and usher guests who are looking to be staying a while, to other pre designated comfortable sitting areas.

Fragrance:  Add a little fragrance to your reception and wedding area.  Purchase some in expensive roses in your colors and have the petals sprinkled around the room, tables just before the event.

Choosing your Colors:  Many brides chose their favorite colors, others chose colors that go well together.  No matter how you chose them, we suggest going a little Monochromatic with them.  No matter if your colors are Hot Pink or Eggplant, using several shades of one color in both the floral and other area's can actually be quite beautiful.
Also, if you are unsure on colors feel free to ask you wedding decorator to suggest several colors that would look great together.

Theme Weddings: Theme weddings are fun and quite popular with some brides and their families.  We suggest not only incorporating your theme in decoration.  But let your guests have a little fun with it too, suggest they come dressed in theme, but make sure it is optional.

Military Weddings:  If your currently serving in the military, you can wear your military uniform.  Also, for military weddings they use a saber to cut the cake.

Centerpieces: It's most popular to have a main centerpiece at all of your reception tables.  But a great way to add a personal touch is to place several pictures in small inexpensive frames, or you can make them yourself around the main centerpiece.  They can be cute romantic pictures of your engagement, or fun pictures for your guests to get a smile out of.

Food: One of the most popular trends are candy buffets or dessert bars.  Placing candy in beautiful glasses or apothecary jars with silver spoons for dishing.  You can also set up a fondue fountain, with both brown chocolate and white chocolate, adding fruit, marshmallow's and other items for your guests to self serve.  Or add several types of desserts at different levels on pretty platters or racks.  Or hire an ice cream server for the night and have several flavors of ice cream for your guests to taste.  Click HERE to view our candy buffet options 

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