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Sale Lake Wedding Decoration Rentals

Pink and Brown Western Backdrop
Western backdrop in pine
Western Wedding decorations, wagon wheels, ropes, horseshoes and more
Country Backdrop
Fall Western Backdrop
Garden Arbor or Garden Arbor two Arch Backdrop 

Wedding Arbor Decorations
Wedding Arbor decorated
Country Western Triple Arch
Triple Arch In Greenery Backdrop

Triple Black Wrought Iron Arches with Greenery - Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
We have 8 available -  Champagne style glass container and mirror rent for $10 each - Add floating silk flower and lighting for $5 more each
Centerpiece with Real Gerbera Daisy's floating in water (We do not provide real flowers.). Simply Enchanting only uses silk flowers.  We have 20 glass bowls available for rent. Glass bowl and Mirror only, rent for $10 each - Add silk floating flowers and lighting for an additional $5 each.
Glass containers filled with various colors and shades of water beads. This centerpiece option is done custom and pricing is $15 per centerpiece.
Tall glass Cylinder Centerpiece, can be used in many different ways.  We have 12 Glass Vases Available for Rent. - Tall glass cylinder and mirror ent for $10 each - Add floating silk flowers and lighting for an additional $5-$6 each depending on flower style.
Eiffel tower centerpiece with orchids.
Glass Cowboy Boots - 24 Available - 
We rent these boots for $5 each.
Add other decor for them for $3-$5 more each.
Rusted lanterns - 8 Available - These lanterns do not light up.
We have 6 available for rent.
We can add lights to the center. We rent these for $10 each.
Decorative Glass Stand Centerpiece with white gerbera daisy on ice.  Pink cross runner decoration.  We have 10 Glass Centerpieces available. - Glass stand and a mirror rent for $10 each. - Add ice water beads or rocks and silk florals for $5 more each.
Medium size glass vase with blue lilies on ice.  Silver table runner.  We have 9 Glass Vases available for rent. - Glass vase and mirro rent for $10 each. Add silk flowers and water ice beads for an additional $8-$10 each more.
Waterbasket Centerpieces, real water flows and drop down all three tiers of baskets.  We have 10 available for rent. - They rent for $10 each.
Smaller decorative glass vase, we have 16 of these vases available. - 
Small vase and mirror rent for $10 each. (Lighting, silk floral etc... will cost additional.)
Black Lantern - 5 available - these rent for $10 each.
Copper Gazebo's with large center.  We have 12 of these available for rent. - 
Copper Gazebo's rent for $10 each. (Add silk or candle decorations for them for $5-$8 more each.)
White lace hat, on wooden stand.  We have 8 centerpieces available. - They rent for $10 each.
White Gazebo Centerpieces, these have a center that lights up, we have 10 available for rent. - They rent for $10 each.
Glass swan's, these centerpieces have an open center to add decor too.  We have 14 glass swans available to rent. - 
Glass swans and mirror rent for $10 each.
Add floral decor for $5 more each.
Ceramic centerpieces with eggplant floral arrangement - We have 12 available. - They rent for $10 each.
We have 9 available - They rent for $10 each.
Pictured above are some of our centerpiece options available for rent.  However, we also do custom designs.  
Lighted ruffle top cake table.
White Wedding Cake Gazebo - Rents for $150 individually - Included in the Full Packages
Lighted 3 leg wedding gazebo.  Rents for $150 each - We have 2 available for rent.
One example of our photo frame backdrop used in our Photo Guestbook Option.
Example of our Candy Buffet set up.
Example of our Candy Buffett Set up
Lady Basket Water Fountain - 1 available for rent.
Stone frog water fountain 1 available for rent
Forest Green Decorated Arch - 1 available in Green - 1 available in White.
White lighted Arch, decorative Photo Video Area, with Fountain and Easel.  Rents for $175 individually.
Our lighted table option
2 lighted banquets and 1 lighted fountain table.
White Candy Cart (Included in the deluxe package
Cart can also be used to decorate a room corner, add pictures etc...
Lead Crystal Containers - 6 available for rent. Included in the deluxe package
Lighted Punch Fountain
White Lighted Book Sign in Stand.  1 available for rent - Rents for $25 or can be included in some of the packages.
Our secured locked card box.  This is graet because you won't have to worry about anyone stealing your cards and gift cards your guests leave you.
Our cute hitching post to go with our western decor.
Example of our book sign in table decor
Silk Wedding Flowers, Large Silk Floral Planters, Customizable.
Western floral arrangement
Wicker basket stand centerpieces.
Silk Wedding Flowers, Large Silk Floral Planters, Customizable.
Red and White silk floral planter.
Basket Centerpiece
Above are examples of our Silk Floral Planters - 
We customize these to the brides or event colors
Individual Rental Price $30 each - 2 are included in our full packages.
Click on ANY picture on the page to enlarge and view. Keep in mind these are past examples, we allow custom decoration to your preference

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Roman Pillar backdrop with eggplant satin swags on top.  NOTE:  Swags do not come with the decoration price of the backdrop, if you would lke to go this option additional $35 may be added.
Wedding Backdrop Roman Pillar with upgrade top centerpiece - Upgrade top centerpiece is an additional $25, on top of regular rental price.
In this backdrop view, we used satin wraps on the pillars and a top centerpiece with satin draping.  (NOTE: If you requesting this option it will cost more for satin materials, this is not included in the regular backdrop price.
This is our Tulle cross backdrop.  It's beautiful up against a plain wall.  Lighting is included.
Tulle cross pillar backdrop, room in shades of pink.
Tulle cross pillar backdrop
Our backdrop can stretch almost the entire length of a GYM stage, it's perfect for converting a cultural hall into a reception hall.
When we set this backdrop up it is done piece by piece, because of this YOU can have this custom decorated to fit your own tastes!
Roman Backdrop
(Tulle Cross Backdrop not available in half)
Wedding Backdrop rentals, Wrought Iron with uprade lattice Backing
Wrought Iron backdrop perfect for indoors or out.
Wrought Iron Backdrop

White Lattice three panel backdrop.
Lattice Backdrop

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Western or Country Backdrop