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Salt Lake Wedding decorations
Salt Lake Wedding decoration
Provo Wedding Decoration
Roman Backdrop

Wrought Iron Backdrop

Wedding Backdrop, Roman Pillars with upgrade center topper
Western Backdrop

Wedding Decorations, Garden Arbor triple arch
Garden Arbor Double Arch Backdrop

Triple Arch Backdrop

Country Backdrop

Garden Arbor with Brown Backdrop

Wedding Decorations, Decorated Garden Arbor
Garden Arbor 

Basic Lattice Backdrop

Salt Lake Wedding Decorations, Wrought Iron with upgrade lattice backdrop
White Wrought Iron Backdrop
With White Lattice Backing

Our White Wrought Iron backdrop.
This pretty backdrop is perfect up against a plain wall or for an outdoor backyard wedding.
Can be customized with little to a lot of greenery and flowers and lights.   Our price include set up and take down, decoration of lighted backdrop, 2 ficus trees, 2 small topiary trees, and lighting.

Our Country Western Backdrop is perfect for the outdoor couple who want to bring part of who they are into their wedding.  This wedding backdrop can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Includes, wagon wheels, ropes, horseshoes, decorative lanterns, 2 silk floral arrangements and other greenery.

Use our Brown Wooden Backdrop or Arches or Garden Arbor.
Dressed up or down, they are perfect for weddings both indoors and out. 
Prices include set up, take down, and decoration of the backdrop/arch.  2 Ficus tree's and 2 floral planters done in your colors.

Our Garden Arbor Double Arch Backdrop is perfect to add to a beautiful yard or outdoor wedding setting.  we can dress this backdrop up or down depending on what you would like to match the area it will be in.   Price includes 2 floral arrangements, lighting, and greenery decoration.

All of our BackdropsArches and Garden Arbor decor are very customizable.
Whether you are looking for something simple or elaborate at the end of your aisle.  Or something beautiful and elegant to stand against while your guests come to greet you at your reception.
We have many items available to accommodate the exact look you are after for your special day.

Our rental prices include: Set up, take down, decoration of backdrop with lights.  2 Ficus tree's, 2 silk floral arrangements done in your colors and lighting.
We also offer Lattice Backdrop options.  Our lattice can be used as a faux wall, or a way to surround an area.  Lattice works wonderfully both indoors and out.

Basic Lattice Backdrop includes: Set up, take down and decoration of backdrop, 2 floral planters done in your colors and 2 optional decorative tree's or bushes.

Our White Wrought Iron back up against lattice, includes all decor in the picture along with set up and take down and lighting.

Lattice Backdrop
Our beautiful Tulle Cross Pillar Backdrop is only available for indoor use.  
We would like to advise on this backdrop it's use be up against a plain wall or area, as anything behind the backdrop will be visible.
Price includes, decoration 2 ficus tree's and lighting.

Tulle Cross Pillar Backdrop

PLEASE NOTE:  Our backdrops are customizable for each event.  The pictures below showcase just one way of decoration of them, there may be  many other options available.  Call us to discuss all options of decoration.

ALSO all backdrops can be put into a decoration package, ask us for details.
Our Wedding Backdrops
ALL Our prices include along with the backdrop: 2 ficus trees, customizable greenery and floral decoration, set up - decoration - take down
Our Roman Pillar backdrop is completely customizable.  
Perfect for LDS cultural halls, it actually expands the entire length of a smaller room and can be used in large gyms to hide stages.  It's also beautifully used to change a plain room into a reception hall.  

NOTE:  The top triangle centerpiece is currently not available.  Our silk swag drapery options are limited to our selection of colors.  If you want a swag color we do not have we can order this for additional charges.

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