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Salt Lake Wedding
Candy Buffet and Candy Cart

Candy Buffet's are a great way to add creativity to your wedding.  Show off your personality and decorate a fun area for your guests to interact and enjoy.  There really isn't a right or wrong way when it comes to adding this unique fun option to your reception.
Whether you are interested in Candy, Cookies, or other desserts....  Using our Jars and apothecary jars, Candy Cart and/or other Decorations will help bring a unique creativity that is all your own to add to your special day!
lighted candy cart
Utah Wedding Decorations, Backdrops, Linen Rentals & Candy Buffets

*If you need someone to maintain and assist with the candy buffet during your event, let us know.  We have assistants & servers for hire, cost depend on hours of service.  Contact us for details.
Candy buffet rental
OPTION #1 - Rent our jars and do it yourself decoration $50 
                         For this price option we give your your choice of 9 jar                               containers and 3 sterling silver scoops.

OPTION #2 - Candy buffet table and we will set it up for you $100
                         This price option includes: Us coming to set up and
                         take down, your choice of 9 jars, 3 silver scoops,
                         centerpiece or decorative fountain, and decorative     
                         banquet linens in your colors for 1 candy buffet table.

OPTION #3 - Candy cart and we set will set it up for you $120
                         This price option includes our cute white lighted candy
                         as well as 6 large lead crystal containers and 4 silver
                         spoons.  Price includes delivery, set up and take down
                         and decoration.

OPTION #4 - Candy buffet, candy cart & punch fountain set up - $180
                         This price option includes us coming to set up & take
                         down the following: Our lighted candy cart and 6 lead
                         crystal containers, 3 silver spoons.  We provide the 
                         decorative linens in your colors for 1 buffet table, your
                         choice of 9 jars, 3 additional scoops, centerpiece or
                         decorative fountain.  As well as our large silver punch
                         fountain and decoration for the area.

*If needed additional jars can be added to any option for $5 a jar
Prices (when stated) above include set up and take down anywhere in Salt Lake County (prices outside of SL County may include travel fee's), ANY of the above options can easily be added to our PACKAGES. We do not provide the buffet tables, you will need to provide your own tables.
We do NOT provide the candy, you will be responsible for this.
When you are choosing OPTION #1, you will be required to BOTH pick up and return the items to us timely as will be stated on the contract, as well as leave a refundable cash deposit at pick up, which will be returned to you when all containers are returned to us undamaged.  Generally we allow pickup the evening before, items are for rent 1 day, and due back to us before 10AM on the following.
Note: Linens, centerpieces and other decoration options are from our stock on hand.
*As per our Info & Pricing page, we require a $200 minimum to come and set up. Due to special handling needed our candy cart rental is NOT a self set up option.
Candy buffet with apothocary and decorative jars, also pictured is our lighted decorative water fountain.
Candy buffet with floral centerpiece, colors fushia and apple green.
Our lighted white candy cart, not shown in picture but included with the rental are 6 led crystal containers and silver spoons
Our silver lighted punch fountain, we can customize the top centerpiece with your wedding colors or theme.
Lead crystal containers and silver spoons, these are the containers used in the candy cart but can also be used on the buffet table.
Decorative jar only
Large apothocary jar for the candy buffet tables
Medium apothocary jar available for rental with the candy buffet
Example floral arrangement that can be included in the options, we can customize these to your colors.  We only use silk flowers.
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